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Frequently Asked Questions 1 (getting your marriage license in CT, age limits, blood tests, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions 2 ("Who can marry us in CT?", "Can my sister help?")

Gay Wedding Questions Frequently Asked (same-sex marriage questions)

Home Weddings (backyard weddings, home marriages)

JP Duties in CT

Locations in CT for weddings

Avery Point (Groton, CT)

Beach Weddings in CT

Devil's Hopyard (East Haddam, CT)

Elizabeth Park (Hartford, CT)

Gillette Castle (Lyme, CT / East Haddam, CT)

Harkness Park (Waterford, CT)

Lighthouse Point Park (New Haven, CT)

Mohegan Park (Norwich, CT)

Mystic Aquarium (Mystic, CT)

Mystic Arts Center (Mystic, CT)

Mystic Seaport (Mystic, CT)

Rocky Neck (Niantic, CT)

Rose Garden Weddings

Stonington, CT (lighthouse, beach)

Privacy Policy

Selecting an officiant

Unity Ceremonies (overview)

Handfasting Ceremony

Sand Ceremony

Unity Candle Ceremony

Wedding Vows (overview)

Example Wedding Vows (sample vows)

Writing Our Own Wedding Vows (how to write yours, how I can help)

Wedding Ring Vows (exchanging rings)

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