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Have your beach wedding or flower garden wedding at Harkness Memorial State Park in Waterford, Connecticut.

Harkness offers beautiful views of Long Island Sound, well-kept gardens, plentiful parking, and easy access for people who have difficulty walking.

From spring through fall the gardens are in bloom, perfect for a garden wedding. Photographers love the Harkness Mansion, pergola, amphitheater, and fountains for wedding pictures.

The pergola's arches and gardens form a perfect backdrop for your oceanside wedding ceremony at Harkness Memorial State Park in Waterford, CT

Rhiannon and Nathan held their black and white wedding in the Oceanside Amphitheater at Harkness. Allyn Bryson Donath played the harp, providing music from Bach to the 20th century. The blue sky and sea contrasted well with the greenery and white sand; perfect for seaside wedding photos. The rustic wooden benches were covered with white fabric; black and white tubs of Chrysanthemums graced the bricks.

The Harkness amphitheater decorated for the beach wedding at Harkness State Park, Waterford, CT.

Other popular places for wedding ceremonies within Harkness Memorial State Park are the pergola and Eolia, the Harkness Mansion (some people call it "Harkness Castle"). The gardens are awash with color and pleasant scents, the lawns are well kept, and the seaside views include islands in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York.

Eolia, the Harkness Mansion, sometimes called 'Harkness Castle', is also available for indoor weddings and receptions.
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