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Would you like to get married at Mystic Arts Center?

Sunset weddings by the Mystic River are beautiful.

Located on the Groton side of the Mystic River, within easy walking distance of the best ice cream and finest restaurants (from a hot dog to a lobster dinner) on the Connecticut shoreline, the Mystic Arts Center will be a beautiful location for your wedding.

Amber and Jeb's wedding at Mystic Arts Center in Mystic, Connecticut

Mystic Arts Center's terrace was warm and comfortable for Amber and Jeb's outdoor wedding reception after their sunset wedding. Everyone strolled around the grounds of the Mystic Arts Center, with most of the adults chatting on the terrace and the younger people nearer to the Mystic River.

Connie and Tony exchanging vows at their riverside wedding in Mystic, CT

"How can we have our water wedding at Mystic Arts Center?"

The village of Mystic, Connecticut is located in New London County, half in the Town of Groton and half in the Town of Stonington. You will get your marriage license in the Town of Groton, because you will be married on the Groton side of the Mystic River. Groton Town Hall is just a few short miles away, in the Poquonock Bridge section of Groton, Connecticut.

Mystic Arts Center tends to be a busy place in the Connecticut summer. Please make your arrangements there as soon as you can. Then call me at (860) 543-2334 to be your Mystic wedding officiant!

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