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About Nutmeg Justice of the Peace – Ernest Adams

People have asked why I became a Justice of the Peace, and why couples choose me to help them have their perfect wedding ceremony.

Andrea, the daughter of a close friend, was married in Elizabeth Park in West Hartford a few years ago. The Justice of the Peace that married Andrea and Steve gave them a fine ceremony and they were happy with her. Only after the wedding did Andrea tell us how hard it had been to find a Justice of the Peace who would return phone calls, work with them to incorporate the ceremony elements that they wanted, and not try to talk them into things they didn't want. From that conversation with Andrea came my promise to you: I will help you celebrate your day your way!

Ernest Adams, Connecticut Justice of the Peace

How will you benefit from my theatre experience?

Theatre training helps me keep the focus on you during your wedding. For example, who should be the first person to stand in front of your guests, who should be the last person before the bride in the processional, and where should I stand when you kiss?

How does me being an amateur magician help you?

If you choose to have a ring bearer as part of your wedding party, we will use a technique that I have developed to keep your rings safe and still have your guests believe that your ring bearer carried your real rings.

Are your wedding photographs important to you?

Nobody has ever answered this question "No." Your photos are important to me, too!

My rules for photographers and videographers are simple: Get the best shots possible. It is my responsibility to help your other wedding professionals do their jobs well. That means they can use flash if needed, they can get behind me if they want to, and I will get out of their way if necessary. If your photographer wants us to recreate something after the ceremony is over, I will be happy to do that.

Should your wedding officiant be a good speaker and reader?

Public speaking has been part of my life for years. The Dale Carnegie Course in Communications and Human Relations is excellent training for public speaking, and I am extremely glad that I took the course. It helped me develop and refine the skills to make presentations to clients and co-workers, friends, and strangers.

Reading aloud to my children, recording for the blind, and reading on the radio have prepared me to read your poems and other writings, giving them warmth and special meaning.

Why am I a member of officiant organizations?

As a professional wedding officiant, it is important I stay current. By keeping up with wedding trends, constantly learning, and developing new ceremony elements, I can provide you with choices and options that you might not have considered.

It has been an honor to make several presentations to the Justices of the Peace Conferences throughout Connecticut over the years. The Conferences have provided opportunities to learn, as well as to teach!

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