Ernest Adams, Connecticut Notary Public

Ernest Adams   —   (860) 543-2334

Customer service: It's always about you!

About Ernest Adams

Customer service has always been a priority.

You are always welcome to call me with wedding-related questions. No matter where you decide to get married in Connecticut, I'm here to help you.

I am a Mobile Notary Public in Connecticut.

I travel to people's homes, offices, or anywhere else in Connecticut they need their signatures notarized.

I am, at least for now, not a Justice of the Peace. I can, however, legally marry you or help you find another legally-authorized officiant for your wedding.

If you would like to be married in a ceremony which fits your personalities, senses of humor, and budget, I would be honored to officiate at your wedding. Also, if you would prefer a Justice of the Peace, I have dozens of contacts across Connecticut due to having been very active in the Justice of the Peace Association and other wedding officiant groups.

You are welcome to call at any time for free, no-obligation advice on wedding ceremonies and venues! You can be assured of an impartial opinion because I never have accepted, and never will accept, any money for referring any couple to any specific officiant nor wedding venue.

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