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As a CT Justice of the Peace my privacy policies are very simple:

If you don't tell me your name when we first talk, I will ask for it. I need to know how you pronounce your name so that I can pronounce it properly.

I will not ask whether you were married previously, are pregnant, or what religious tradition (if any) you follow.

If I am required by law to reveal information about you, I will tell you in advance what I am going to say as long as the law allows me to do so.

I am ethically bound to protect your privacy. I still must comply with all proper requests for information that come from law enforcement officers. Other than that,

After you decide I am going to perform your ceremony, I will ask to see your identification, as required by law.

I do not want copies of your ID.

I do not want to know your Social Security or credit card numbers!

I will take notes so that I do not have to ask the same questions again.

I will not reveal your last names, email addresses, phone numbers, or anything else that identifies you personally without your permission.

I will not reveal your first names if you request that I do not.

I will not call you or send email to you without your permission.

I will not share your phone numbers or email addresses with anyone.

You have the right to view all the notes that I have taken about your wishes and ceremony.

This Web Site does not use cookies, beacons, pixel tags, web bugs, or counters. Your visit is anonymous. (Either ignore this paragraph if it doesn't make sense or ask me what it means.)

If you and I decide that you should talk to someone else (a specific caterer, for example), you will be given that person's contact information. I will not give that person your info.

If you tell me that you no longer want me to contact you I will immediately stop calling and stop sending email.

I may ask to display one or more pictures of your ceremony. You have every right to refuse, and I will honor your request.

If you tell me that you have received outstanding service, I will ask you to write a brief testimonial for my use. You have every right to decline.

If you do write a testimonial, I will use only your first names unless you explicitly give me permission to do otherwise. (If you prefer, just your initials could be used instead of your first names.)

You will not be contacted by someone else on my behalf, unless I am physically unable to contact you myself.

In the extremely unlikely event that your data are stolen from me, I will attempt to contact you as soon as possible to tell you what was taken and when.

If you have any question, please call me at (860) 543-2334. I am here to serve you!

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