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Weddings in Elizabeth Park can take place in the Rose Garden Gazebo, in the pergola, by one of the ponds, or in one of the many gardens.

The Elizabeth Park Rose Garden gazebo with your wedding officiant in a judicial robe.

When the roses are in bloom, there is no more picturesque spot! Other gardens in the park also provide a beautiful background. Parking is free and there is no admission charge.

Elizabeth Park Rose Garden is on the border of Hartford, Connecticut and West Hartford, Connecticut.

Rose Garden gazebo weddings in Elizabeth Park are favorites because of the surrounding roses. Inside the gazebo is private when the vines are in leaf.

Looking from the Elizabeth Park Perennial Garden toward the Elizabeth Park Rose Garden

In the Rose Garden there are large arches (ideal for processions), with rose beds arranged like spokes of a wheel with the wedding gazebo as the hub.

Generally, the roses in the rose garden are at their showy best during July. The weekend nearest the fourth of July is the height of the season to visit the roses, and the peak of wedding season in Elizabeth Park.

The wedding pergola in Elizabeth Park Perennial Garden is another fine place for Hartford weddings.

Across from the Rose Garden is the Elizabeth Park Perennial Garden, with its own pergola. This pergola will comfortably hold more than 25 people plus you and me. When you provide your own chairs, 50 people could witness your wedding ceremony.

There's more to Elizabeth Park than roses...

Wedding trellis in Elizabeth Park Perennial Garden

The Perennial Garden has beautiful flowers from spring through fall. You may find that at the time of year you want to have your wedding the Elizabeth Park Perennial Garden has better blossoms available than the Rose Garden.

Weddings and Receptions in the Pond House

In case the weather turns out to be less than ideal, you could have your wedding ceremony in the Pond House, located in Elizabeth Park. Couples have their winter weddings inside the Pond House; the pond and trees behind the Pond House also make a great backdrop for photographs with the snowy landscape.

It was an honor to marry Amanda and Kevin in Pond House at Elizabeth Park!

The Pond House is an excellent place for your reception after your spring, summer, or fall wedding in Elizabeth Park Rose Garden. The food is very good and the service is outstanding. (I speak from personal experience!)

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