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Your Rocky Neck State Park wedding can take place on the beach, at the stone pavilion, or in a clearing in the woods.

Your Rocky Neck State Park wedding could be on this crescent beach.

Rocky Neck is a great free place to hold an outdoor wedding. Other than a seasonal charge for parking, there is no admission fee.

The stone terrace at the Rocky Neck pavilion is a fine place for weddings.

If you would like to have your reception at Rocky Neck, you can rent the stone pavilion. The Rocky Neck State Park pavilion is handicapped-accessible. You can reach the office at (860) 739-5471. In case of rain, you could have an indoor wedding in the Rocky Neck pavilion and hold your reception there, too. Inside the Rocky Neck pavilion has stone fireplaces that you could decorate.

Looking out from the Rocky Neck pavilion.

Rocky Neck is one of the most versatile of the Connecticut State Parks, making it one of the most popular wedding venues in Southeastern Connecticut. It has acres of woods with grassy clearings, ponds beside meadows, miles of trails for hiking, and, of course, a white sand beach for seaside weddings. Its location in East Lyme, CT just off of Interstate Route 95 makes it a natural place for Southeastern Connecticut weddings.

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