Connecticut Wedding Locations


Connecticut wedding venues include sandy beaches, rose gardens, wineries, restaurants, and banquet halls.


Community & State Park Weddings

Harkness Memorial State Park in Waterford, Connecticut

Harkness Park offers beautiful views of Long Island Sound and formal gardens for weddings. Parking is plentiful, and there is easy access for people who have difficulty walking. Perfect for a seaside wedding!

Harkness is appropriate for either a formal wedding in the pergola, garden, or amphitheater, or an informal beach wedding. Eolia, the Harkness Mansion, is perfect for your seaside wedding reception. Because Harkness is a Connecticut State Park, renting the Mansion may be more affordable than you would expect.

The amphitheater at Harkness Park is one of couples' favorites places to take wedding pictures in Connecticut. Call me at (860) 543-2334 to talk about great places for your wedding pictures.

Please visit the Harkness Memorial State Park Weddings Page for more information and more pictures.

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Wedding in the amphitheater of Harkness Memorial State Park in Waterford, Connecticut. Eolia, the Harkness Mansion, is available for indoor wedding ceremonies.

Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, Connecticut

Mystic Aquarium could be considered a pseudo-beach. You and your guests can watch whales, and the whales will watch you!

Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration is highly recommended, especially for a destination wedding. Mystic Aquarium will give you and your guests great memories of your wedding.

The Aquarium staff are very helpful. There are plenty of hotels and motels nearby, and more than enough local attractions for you and your guests to enjoy during your stay.

Visit the Mystic Aquarium Weddings Page for more photos and information.

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During the aquarium wedding the whales watched the guests.

Mystic Seaport: The Museum of America and the Sea

Mystic Seaport, a destination wedding favorite, is also in Mystic, Connecticut, just down the road from Mystic Aquarium.

Destination weddings at Mystic Seaport are especially popular in the summertime. There are plenty of hotels and motels nearby, and more than enough local attractions for you and your guests to enjoy during your stay.

The staff will help make your destination wedding a success. Nearby bed & breakfast accommodations, plus local hotels and motels, will help you and your guests relax and enjoy your stay.

The Mystic restaurant formerly known as The Seamen's Inne is now known as Latitude 41 Degrees. The North Lawn of Mystic Seaport is immediately behind Latitude 41 Degrees Restaurant.

Visit the Mystic Seaport Weddings Page for more information.

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Denise and Patrick at their riverside wedding in Mystic, CT. Jennifer and Kevin after their riverside wedding at Mystic Seaport.

Avery Point in Groton, Connecticut

From the Branford Mansion at Avery Point you can see three lighthouses, Long Island Sound, the Thames River, sailboats, ferries, and even the occasional submarine.

Avery Point is appropriate for a seaside wedding on the lawn or a formal wedding in the Branford House Mansion.

Avery Point is a popular place to elope, also. Couples like to use the lighthouse as a background for photos, and your family and friends will be happy to see your pictures.

Please see the Avery Point Weddings Page for more information on Avery Point weddings.

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Seaside wedding at Branford House Mansion at Avery Point in Groton, Connecticut The Avery Point Lighthouse is a favorite background for wedding photos.

Rocky Neck State Park in East Lyme, Connecticut

Rocky Neck weddings are fun for families.

The white sand is perfect for a beach wedding. There is a seasonal charge for parking. Other than that, Rocky Neck is a great free place to host a wedding in Southeastern Connecticut.

You can have your wedding by the water, in a clearing in the woods, by a pond, overlooking the rocky portion of the beach, or several other places at Rocky Neck. It is one of the most versatile of the Connecticut State Parks. There is plenty of handicapped parking available. The stone pavilion is wheelchair-accessible, too.

Please visit the Rocky Neck State Park Wedding Page for more pictures and descriptions.

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Rocky Neck State Park weddings take place on the jetty or beach Rocky Neck State Park pavilion, in East Lyme, CT was the wedding site for Kim, Charles, and Dylan.

Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven, Connecticut

Lighthouse Point Park has a lighthouse, sandy beaches, and a working carousel.

Get married on the beach near the lighthouse then have your reception inside the carousel building. You and your guests can have your pictures taken on the carousel!

If you would like to have your reception near the beach or overlooking the river, you have the option of renting either the carousel or one of the pavilions.

Please see the Lighthouse Point Park Weddings Page

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Lighthouse Point, CT was the wedding venue for Jeannine and Ryan. Lighthouse Point Park Park wedding reception at the carousel

Stonington, Connecticut

In Stonington you can get married at a lighthouse, on the beach, or at a winery.

The Borough of Stonington, Connecticut is a fishing village with real New England charm. Stonington is a great place for an informal beach wedding or a formal wedding at a special place such as a winery.

The Captain Nathaniel Palmer House, operated by the Stonington Historical Society, offers you the chance to have your wedding in a historic building, or your beach wedding at nearby duBois Beach.

Elsewhere in Stonington Borough, or in the Town of Stonington, there are other great places to have your wedding and reception.

Please see more Stonington pictures at the Stonington, CT Weddings Page.

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Before a sunset wedding at Stonington Lighthouse Museum, in Stonington, CT. DuBoise Beach in Stonington, CT has a wooden pavilion

Gillette Castle in East Haddam, Connecticut.

Have you ever wanted to get married at a castle?

Gillette Castle offers views of the Connecticut River, and weddings usually take place on the terrace that looks out on the river.

There is no charge for parking or visiting the grounds; there is a charge for touring the castle. Well-behaved dogs on leashes are welcome at your Gillette Castle wedding ceremony!

Bridges can be wonderfully symbolic of the change from being single to being married. There is a stone bridge by a lily pond where some couples meet in the middle of the bridge to exchange vows.

For more information please visit the Gillette Castle Weddings Page.

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Getting married at Gillette Castle in East Haddam, CT is easy. The stone bridge near the lily pond is a favorite place for pre-wedding or post-ceremony photos.

Allegra Farm in East Haddam, Connecticut.

Have your meadow wedding at Allegra Farm, or even a barn wedding!

Allegra Farm, owned and operated by John Allegra, really belongs in its own category, but there's no "Barn Wedding" or "Hayride Wedding" category....

John has many kinds of horse-drawn vehicles, from open-topped carriages to glass-windowed coaches to sleighs. Can you imagine arriving at your winter wedding in a horse-drawn sleigh?

Located in East Haddam, Connecticut, very near Colchester, Connecticut, Allegra Farm is beautiful year round. Autumn weddings are spectacular due to the foliage colors reflected in the pond.

Whether you'd like a meadow wedding by a pond or a horse-drawn carriage for your wedding, please see wedding photos at the Allegra Farm Page.

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Jennifer alights from her horse-drawn coach for her barn wedding at Allegra Farm. A Sand Ceremony is perfect for a barn wedding.

Devil's Hopyard State Park is in East Haddam, Connecticut

Devil's Hopyard has a 60-foot-high waterfall and a covered bridge.

There are no admission fees or charges for parking. There is seldom a crowd at Devil's Hopyard.

Very near Devil's Hopyard is Fox Hopyard Golf Club, a nice place for a wedding reception (or a wedding ceremony inside in case of bad weather).

Please visit the Devil's Hopyard Page for more pictures and information about both the State Park and Fox Hopyard Golf Club.

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Katie and Brandon were married by the waterfalls in Devil's Hopyard The covered bridge in the Devil's Hopyard in East Haddam, CT A beautifil bride escorted at her October wedding at Fox Hopyard

Mohegan Park in Norwich, Connecticut

Mohegan Park has fountains, gazebos, a large pond, a pondside pavilion, and a large meadow pavilion.

There is no admission fee or charge for parking. There are several parking lots, miles of paved and unpaved trails for easy walking, a pond for swimming, and even a beach for relaxing.

Mohegan Park also contains the Mohegan Park Rose Garden, which has its own entry on the Rose Garden Weddings Page.

Visit the Mohegan Park Page for more information.

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The Mohegan Park fountain, Norwich, CT Mohegan Park gazebo wedding in Norwich, CT for Darcy and Jenn Have a wedding BBQ at Mohegan Park Group Pavilion.

Bluff Point State Park in Groton, Connecticut

Bluff Point offers a place to get married on horseback by the water.

Bluff Point State Park in Groton, Connecticut offers both meadows and views of Long Island Sound. Parking is free and there is no admission charge!

Bluff Point is the perfect place to elope in Connecticut during warm weather. From the Groton Town Hall (where you would get your marriage license) to your Bluff Point wedding would be less than a mile.

Access is by a dirt road. Once you and your guests are there, you can picnic, launch a boat, hike, and enjoy nature. How about a beach wedding and then a picnic reception under the trees?

If you would like to bring dogs, horses, and other animals to your wedding, Bluff Point may be just the place you're looking for. If you would like to get married on horseback, bring your horses in their trailer. A wedding with horses would be fun!

Not comfortable riding a horse to get married? Allegra Farm could provide a carriage or coach.

The State of Connecticut Web Site has different photos and details.

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Have a beach wedding at Bluff Point State Park in Groton, CT. Dogs, horses, and other animals are welcome at your Bluff Point wedding.

Chatfield Hollow State Park in Killingworth, Connecticut

Chatfield Hollow is peaceful and uncrowded, with a covered bridge, ponds, brooks, and even a waterwheel.

Thinking about a New England wedding? What could say "New England Wedding" better than a covered bridge wedding? You don't have to hike to get married by the covered bridge in Chatfield Hollow! There is a parking lot / picnic area within easy walking distance. People who are mobility-impaired or in wheelchairs will have no trouble at all.

Chatfield Hollow is one of the Connecticut State Parks that are not open all year. Please check the days and hours that the park is open before planning your wedding there.

The State of Connecticut Web Site gives information about shelter rental, with other photos of the covered bridge and waterwheel. Chatfield Hollow State Park is usually uncrowded and it is easy to find peaceful places such as these ponds.

Chatfield Hollow State Park is in Middlesex County, Connecticut, just a few miles north of Interstate 95. Killingworth Town Hall is less than three miles from Chatfield Hollow, about four minutes away, making it very easy to elope!

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Elope at the covered bridge in Chatfield Hollow State Park. Have your wedding pictures by the waterwheel at Chatfield Hollow State Park. Chatfield Hollow State Park is a great spot for a water-side wedding by the pond and waterwheel. Chatfield Hollow State Park in the fall.

Roseland Cottage in Woodstock, Connecticut has unique color and architecture.

Just "up the road a piece" from The Mansion at Bald Hill is Roseland Cottage in Woodstock, Connecticut. It is a great background for your wedding. It is known far and wide for its color, architecture, and unique gardens.

A National Historic Landmark, Roseland Cottage is a Gothic Revival house built in 1846. If you are looking for a historic building to get married in, Roseland Cottage may be right for you. The rose color of the former summer home of Henry Chandler Bowen and his family makes the house stand out from its neighbors next to the Woodstock Village Green.

At the side of Roseland Cottage is a fine example of a parterre garden. Tours of the house and gardens are given in the warm weather.

An Internet search for "Roseland Cottage Woodstock" will turn up a myriad of pictures, and probably a link to

Roseland Park weddings are often held in historic Roseland Park, near Roseland Lake. With more than 60 acres of woods and pleasant land, Roseland Park is seldom crowded. Visit the Town of Woodstock, CT Web Site for more information. (If you do a Web search for "Roseland Park", be sure to include the word "Connecticut" or "CT".)

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Is Roseland Cottage in Woodstock, CT rose colored or coral-pink? Weddings at Roseland Cottage in Woodstock, Connecticut are naturally decorated by the beds of flowers.

The Mansion at Bald Hill in Woodstock, Connecticut

Located in "The Quiet Corner" of Connecticut, The Mansion at Bald Hill offers the serenity of a bygone time with elegance and the comfort of modern amenities.

Dana and Jonathan visited this Site and decided to come to Northeast Connecticut for a New England wedding.

Janet Waterman and the staff provide outstanding service and help make your special day as carefree as possible.

Some of these photographs were taken at the beginning of summer and some in the early fall.

This photographic overview of the formal English garden only hints at its beauty. Please keep in mind that I am not a professional photographer. Your professional wedding photographer will do you and your wedding justice!

From the ivy-covered wall and sundial at the north through the pergola to the gazebo and vista at the south, you and your guests will enjoy your outdoor wedding even more in these idyllic surroundings. Imagine walking slowly through the pergola to meet your beloved at the gazebo.

While most couples choose to have a gazebo wedding, you could certainly have your ceremony anywhere that appeals to you! The choice is always yours. After your outdoor wedding at The Mansion at Bald Hill, you could choose to have your reception banquet in the Mansion itself.

If you would rather have an indoor wedding, may I suggest the ballroom at The Mansion at Bald Hill?

There are no pictures of the ballroom yet because there have been other events going on each time I was there. You can visit The Mansion at Bald Hill's Web Site at MansionAtBaldHill.Com.

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The Mansion at Bald Hill is in the last green valley in the Northeast Corridor The gardens in The Mansion at Bald Hill are perfect settings for an outdoor wedding. The wedding pergola at The Mansion at Bald Hill provides the perfect aisle to the outdoor wedding gazebo. The harpist played wedding music in the gazebo. One of the smaller dining rooms is idea for a rehearsal dinner. The Library is an elegant setting for a sweetheart table dinner.

Mill River Park is in Putnam Connecticut

Mill River Park, in The Quiet Corner of Connecticut, a quiet, peaceful place for a wedding by the water.

For the moment, the last park stop in The Quiet Corner of Connecticut is in Putnam. The Mill River Park borders the river, from the bridge to the falls. (Yes, the river really was this calm when I took the picture!)

There is plenty of room for a wedding by the river and municipal parking is free. Handicapped parking is limited, but the park is fully accessible.

On the day that I visited to take pictures there was a band setting up in the riverside gazebo. If you would like to have your wedding at the gazebo, please check to be sure that it would be available for your wedding day and time.

Putnam is in Windham County. There are no county governments in Connecticut, so you don't need a Windham County Justice of the Peace to marry you. There are many more photographs on the Putnam, CT official Web Site: WWW.PutnamCT.US.

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Shade for your riverside wedding at the Mill River Park in Putnam, Connecticut