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Would you like to get married at Mystic Arts Center?

Located on the Groton side of the Mystic River, within easy walking distance of the best ice cream and finest restaurants (from a hot dog to a lobster dinner) on the Connecticut shoreline, the Mystic Arts Center will be a beautiful location for your wedding.

Most of these photographs were taken by professional photographers. They are used here by permission. Their use elsewhere is prohibited by copyright law.

Amber and Jeb were married at Mystic Arts Center in historic downtown Mystic, Connecticut. Their sunset wedding took place by the Mystic River, between the Mystic Arts Center gallery and the friendly tree. Unseen in these pictures, there are stone benches by the Mystic River that are ideal for proposing!

Amber and Jeb are shown being tied with the Yugal, the nuptial tie, a silken cord. A Filipino wedding tradition, the Yugal is loosely tied around both bride and groom in a figure eight. The Yugal symbolizes the infinity of the bond of marriage, a union that lasts a lifetime. Seen from above, the Yugal looks like the infinity symbol.

Traditions are important, whether cultural wedding traditions or religious traditions. Amber and Jeb chose to include the Filipino Yugal wedding tie, sometimes called a wedding lasso in other traditions. We can easily include your family traditions or cultural traditions in your wedding ceremony. or you may want to start new traditions of your own!

Sometimes couples ask "Will we be facing you or facing our guests?" The answer is "Neither. You will be facing each other." Just as Amber and Jeb faced each other and looked into their love's eyes, you will face your sweetheart as you two pledge your love to each other. Your guests will be able to see your faces, and your wedding photos will show both of you smiling.

One exception to the general rule "Face the person you are marrying." is your having your friends or family read or sing. All of us should be facing the person who is speaking or singing, giving them our attention and respect. Your guests will naturally look in the same direction that we are looking.

Mystic Arts Center's terrace was warm and comfortable for Amber and Jeb's outdoor wedding reception after their sunset wedding. Everyone strolled around the grounds of the Mystic Arts Center, with most of the adults chatting on the terrace and the younger people nearer to the Mystic River.

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Connie and Tony were married at the Mystic Arts Center on a windy Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend. Connie, Tony, and their attendants all have great senses of humor; the Groom and the Best Man said that the wind wasn't bothering their hair at all. The Bride and the Justice of the Peace just breezed along.

The violinist and her page turner were on the flagstones just outside the French doors leading into the gallery. The music was clearly heard all the way down to the boats in the Mystic River. People who were on the boats applauded at the end of the wedding ceremony.

Many thanks to the lady who took the photographs of Connie and Tony's wedding at Mystic Arts Center. Please tell me your name so that you get the proper credit. Your help was much appreciated!

The indoor photo shows one of the Mystic Arts Center galleries set up for an indoor wedding reception. Most couples who have an outside wedding have an outdoor wedding reception on the terrace overlooking the Mystic River.

"How can we have our water wedding at Mystic Arts Center?"

The village of Mystic, Connecticut is located half in the Town of Groton and half in the Town of Stonington. You will get your marriage license in the Town of Groton, because you will be married on the Groton side of the Mystic River. Groton Town Hall is just a few short miles away, in the Poquonock Bridge section of Groton, Connecticut.

Mystic Arts Center tends to be a busy place in the warm Connecticut summer. Please make your arrangements there as soon as you can. Then call me to be your Mystic wedding officiant!

Please visit the Mystic Arts Center Site (WWW.MysticArts.Org) to see other photographs and details of how to have your riverside wedding there.

To see other photos of the Mystic River, including Mystic Seaport, please visit my Mystic Seaport Weddings Page. Also, you can visit my Mystic Aquarium Weddings Page for photos and information about a different kind of water wedding.

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Sunset weddings by the Mystic River are beautiful. Amber and Jeb's wedding at Mystic Arts Center in Mystic, Connecticut Traditional Filipino Yugal being tied around Amber and Jeb.  Photo by Vincent Vicari. Mystic Arts Center by the Mystic River in Mystic, CT was perfect for a sunset wedding.  Photo by Daniel Peter. Poems and readings are appropriate at water weddings Orange paper lanterns hung in the tree at Mystic Arts Center Connie and Tony exchanging vows at their riverside wedding in Mystic, CT ''With this ring ...'' with a Mystic, CT Justice of the Peace Wedding music at the outdoor wedding in Mystic, CT, southeastern New London County Connecticut Indoor wedding reception at Mystic Arts Center in Mystic, Connecticut
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