Weddings in Stonington, Connecticut


Weddings in Stonington can take place on the beach, at the Stonington Lighthouse Museum, in the historic Captain Nathanial Palmer House, or at a winery.

Many people travel from other places in the United States just to visit Stonington, Connecticut. Originally a Portuguese fishing village, Stonington Borough has grown considerably. Today, Stonington has many shops offering clothing, jewelry, and art at reasonable prices. There are wineries in Stonington, too. Just a few minutes from historic downtown Mystic, Mystic Seaport, or Mystic Aquarium, Stonington still offers a view of an authentic New England coastal village.

From your wedding at Stonington Point you and your guests can see three states: Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York.

Weddings at Stonington Lighthouse Museum

The Stonington Lighthouse Museum, operated by the Stonington Historical Society, is on the shore of Long Island Sound. From it and the public area at Stonington Point you can see Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York.

The lamp and lens were long ago removed from the tower; the space under the weathervane is "the lamp room". Kathleen has family in Connecticut, and Michael lived for several years in the Stonington area. Both of them have pleasant memories of the area, so it was natural for them to get married in Stonington, CT. It was an honor to perform their wedding ceremony in the lamp room of the Stonington Lighthouse.

Your lighthouse wedding could take place on the grounds of the Stonington Lighthouse Museum or your beach wedding at nearby duBois Beach. (People who are really local pronounce it "dew boys beach"!) Elsewhere in Stonington Borough, or in the Town of Stonington, there are other great places to have your wedding and reception.

Weddings on duBois Beach

Krista and Cory chose duBois Beach for their fall wedding, at the southern-most part of Stonington Borough, Stonington Point. Krista carried locally-grown flowers, their colors contrasting nicely with the purple of her shawl. Cory's shirt and tie matched Krista's shawl and bouquet. Because nature is an important part of Krista's life, she decided on native flowers for her bouquet rather than imported or exotic flowers, made her shawl and tablecloth, keeping her wedding "green".

Weddings on Stonington duBois Beach are easy elopements!

Weddings at the Captain Nathaniel Palmer House

To arrange for the use of the Stonington Lighthouse Museum grounds, or the Captain Nathaniel Palmer House, visit WWW.StoningtonHistory.Org. Other photos of Stonington Borough are available at WWW.StoningtonBoroughCT.Com, along with maps and listings of seasonal events.

Donna and Brian chose to have their Stonington Point wedding on the rocks. The parking lot is gravel, so please take care if you wear high heels.

Great places for food in Stonington Borough

Noah's Restaurant () is known far and wide for good food, especially fresh local seafood. You are likely to find friendly local people eating there, as well as serving with pride. One of the reasons for the Noah's excellent reputation is that the chef owns the restaurant. Noah's is at 113 Water Street, on the left on the way to Stonington Point and the Lighthouse Museum. You can call Noah's for reservations at (860) 535-3925. Fair warning: With only 75 seats, Noah's can be very busy in the height of the summer!

Skipper's Dock () is open again. Skipper's Dock is perfect for a rehearsal dinner in Stonington, Connecticut after practicing for your seaside wedding. Fine dining with a view of the sea (and a sunset).If that appeals to you, then a visit to Skipper's Dock at 66 Water Street, Stonington, CT should be in your future. Skipper's Dock is on the right side of the street as you head to duBois Beach and Stonington Point. Be sure to call (860) 535-0111 for reservations during the summer!

Vineyards for weddings

Saltwater Farm Vineyard (), is an amazing re-use of a 1930s airport and hanger (think Bauhaus design). If that doesn't sound interesting, be sure to visit the Saltwater Farm Vineyard Web Site to see photos that are very likely to change your mind! Saltwater Farm Vineyard is at 349 Elm Street You can call Saltwater Farm Vineyard at (860) 415-9072. Having had the honor of marrying couples in the Vineyard, I can assure you that the staff are friendly but not intrusive, the wine outstanding, and the views magnificent.

Stonington Vineyards (), at 523 Taugwonk Road, about eight miles from Stonington Point, produces good wine and is a fine place for your vineyard wedding. (Of course, I'd like to be your wedding officiant there!) You can call Stonington Vineyards at (860) 535-1222.

Commercial venues that specialize in weddings

Stonington Meadows is a nearby wedding and event venue, located at 769 Stonington Road, Stonington, CT 06378 (Stonington Road is US Route 1). You can reach Stonington Meadows at (860) 572-1111 or visit the Stonington Meadows Web Site at . While you're at the Web Site, you'll notice that Stonington Meadows is related to some fine Stonington-area caterers.

"Where do we get out marriage license to get married in Stonington?"

Stonington Town Hall is located at 152 Elm Street, Stonington, CT 06378.

You can reach the Town Clerk's Office at (860) 535-5060. For further information you can visit the official Town of Stonington Web Site:

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"How do you pronounce 'Stonington, Connecticut'?"

Stonington is pronounced "Stone ing ton".

Connecticut is pronounced "Con et uh cut" or "Con et ih cut".

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The Stonington Lighthouse Museum, in Stonington, CT, ready for a sunset wedding Kathleen, Michael, and Ernest after the wedding at Stonington Lighthouse Museum, in Stonington, CT Love letter in the sand at duBois beach in Stonington Borough, CT Krista and Cory, after their seaside wedding in the Borough of Stonington, CT Donna and Brian, after their Stonington Point wedding The East Lawn at Stonington Point, CT is a good place for a free outdoor wedding! Noah's Restaurant in Stonington Borough is one of the best places in Stonington, CT to hold a wedding rehearsal dinner! Skipper's Dock Restaurant is a great place for a rehearsal dinner on Water Street in Stonington Borough Stonington, Connecticut is home to Saltwater Farm Vineyard Stonington Winery Weddings are great at Saltwater Farm Vineyard
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