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Destination wedding? Have your wedding at Mystic Seaport!

Whether you have an outside wedding in the warm weather or inside wedding during the cool weather, you and your guests will have happy memories and beautiful photographs.

The Mystic restaurant formerly known as The Seamen's Inne has undergone a major change. Please see the note at Latitude 41 Degrees, below.

Denise and Patrick's wedding ceremony took place on the North Lawn of the Mystic Seaport, between the Latitude 41° Restaurant and the Mystic River. As the photos show, there was plenty of room for seven bridesmaids, seven groomsmen, and a flower girl in their wedding party. Approximately 150 guests were seated comfortably, with fine views of the Mystic River, the Mystic River Drawbridge, Mystic Seaport's historic boats, and various other watercraft.

Denise's father escorted her down the aisle, kissed his lovely daughter, then shook hands and congratulated Patrick.

Denise and Patrick have outstanding senses of humor and love to make each other laugh. When I first met them, it was immediately obvious that they were a couple in love. At the beginning of their wedding ceremony it was a pleasure to tell some of the story of how they met despite obstacles.

DJ Tim Hogan had three separate systems set up for the ceremony, the cocktail hour, and the reception.

Tim Hogan was a pleasure to work with, very appropriately dressed, and the consummate professional. You can find his contact information on my Favorite Links Page.

Denise and Patrick's wedding took place during the weekend of the Mystic Outdoor Art Festival. The Art Festival, always held during the second weekend of August, gives visitors the opportunity to meet some fine artists and crafters in historic downtown Mystic.

In addition to the Art Festival, Denise and Patrick's guests enjoyed visiting Mystic Aquarium (see the Beluga whales at weddings on my Mystic Aquarium Page).

If you are looking at places to get married in Mystic, Connecticut, please also consider having me be your Justice of the Peace. Mystic questions are always welcome!

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The North Lawn at Mystic Seaport, behind the Latitude 41 Degrees Restaurant, has lots of room for a large wedding. Denise's father congratulates Patrick at the Mystic Seaport North Lawn wedding. Bride, groom, and guests enjoy hearing anecdotes from Denise and Patrick's past at their riverside wedding in Mystic, CT. Happily married, Denise and Patrick head for their reception in the Seamen's Inne, now known as Latitude 41 Degrees Restaurant. DJ Jim Hogan and just some of his equipment at the Mystic Seaport wedding.

Sunset Wedding Cruise? Moonlight Wedding Cruise? Board the Sabino!

Mystic Seaport weddings can take place aboard the steamboat Sabino. We sailed out of Mystic Seaport on the steamboat Sabino for a sunset wedding cruise, Jennifer and Kevin got married on the water, and we sailed back on a moonlight wedding cruise. The timing was perfect. People on other boats and on the shore from Mystic to Noank applauded as we passed by. There's nothing like a beautiful bride and handsome groom to draw attention.

The Sabino is very quiet for a steamboat because it recycles the steam rather than venting it. There was no need to raise our voices for the water wedding; Jennifer and Kevin's guests heard very clearly. The wedding cruise was so smooth that people could stand easily, their friend Mary read a poem, and their guests participated in a beach glass and shell unity ceremony during their sunset wedding cruise.

In addition to the space for a large outdoor wedding on the North Lawn (between Latitude 41 Degrees and the Mystic River) and the intimate wedding space aboard the Sabino, there is a small lighthouse (usually called the Mystic, CT Lighthouse) at Lighthouse Point in Mystic Seaport, and a town green style gazebo near the water. Weddings by the Mystic Connecticut Lighthouse and Mystic Seaport North Lawn weddings make great photographs and enduring memories!

The River Room at Latitude 41 Degrees in Mystic, CT has enough room for both an indoor wedding ceremony and reception. You and your guests will enjoy the fine food and the view of the Mystic River from the River Room.

The Greenmanville Church (a old fashioned New England meetinghouse, built circa 1851), also on the grounds of Mystic Seaport, would also be appropriate for an indoor wedding. The Greenmanville Church has no religious decorations, making it suitable for either a spiritual or secular wedding. Of course, you could decorate the interior to match the theme of your wedding.

The Seaport staff are very helpful and I would highly recommend the Mystic Seaport for a very memorable ceremony, especially for a destination wedding. There are plenty of hotels and motels nearby, and more than enough local attractions for you and your guests to enjoy during your stay. Please visit Mystic Seaport's Site, WWW.MysticSeaport.Org, for professional photographs, full schedules, and other details. (And, of course, I'd love to be your wedding celebrant there!)

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Mystic Seaport water wedding aboard the Sabino: Jennifer and Kevin Mystic Seaport sunset wedding cruise aboard the Sabino: Jennifer and Kevin Mystic Seaport moonlight wedding cruise aboard the Sabino: Jennifer and Kevin Jennifer and Kevin back at Mystic Seaport after the water wedding on the Sabino How about a lighthouse wedding at Lighthouse Point in Mystic Seaport?

Latitude 41 Degrees

The former Seamen's Inne & Pub has become Latitude 41 Degrees Restaurant & Shipyard Tavern.

When you go to this fine restaurant you will see the sign "Latitude 41° Restaurant at Mystic Seaport".

The Latitude 41° Restaurant space has been renovated and the new restaurant is now part of the group whose members include Coastal Gourmet Catering, Mystic Market, Stonington Meadows, and Aspen Restaurant.

If you are considering a Latitude 41 wedding, please be sure that you contact Latitude 41 Degrees in Mystic, Connecticut, not an establishment with a similar name.

Having enjoyed the chef's extraordinary culinary delights at Latitude 41 Degrees, I can promise that you and your guests will enjoy your meals. The decor at Latitude 41° fits perfectly with the nautical theme of Mystic Seaport. Kimberly Aubin, Courtney Botha, plus some of the staff of the Mystic Seaport and Seamen's Inne have made the transition to Latitude 41°, and some fresh faces have joined the team. Because Latitude 41 Degrees opened before the tourist season began, the normal transition period has been successfully completed. On a recent visit I found the people friendly and helpful, as usual.

Shipyard Tavern will have its grand opening on Tuesday April 12th at 4:00 PM. There will be a new tavern menu, and there is already live music on Thursdays and Fridays. Shipyard Tavern will be serving handcrafted brews from Shipyard Brewing Company, as well as other favorites. Why not visit Latitude 41 Degrees to check out their facilities for your wedding and reception, then stay for good food, beverages, and entertainment in Shipyard Tavern?

A brief word about each of the Coastal Gourmet affiliates and links to their Sites are below. In all cases the physical street addresses are listed here for your convenience (especially helpful if you are using a GPS for navigation). The mailing addresses may be different. Clicking on one of these links will take you to that Site.

The Latitude 41° Restaurant & Shipyard Tavern is located at 105 Greenmanville Avenue, Mystic, CT 06355 (Greenmanville Avenue is CT Route 27). With its dining rooms, beautiful broad lawn, terrace, and banquet / reception / ball rooms, Latitude 41° would be an ideal place for both your rehearsal dinner and your wedding. You may find the River Room one of the best wedding settings in Southeastern Connecticut. You can reach Kimberly Aubin at (860) 572-5303 to begin planning your wedding at Mystic Seaport. The Latitude 41° Restaurant Web Site is WWW.LatitudeCT.Com.

Coastal Gourmet Catering provides catering services to Connecticut weddings, Rhode Island weddings, and other events. Their food and service are very good. You can reach Coastal Gourmet at (860) 572-1111. The Coastal Gourmet Catering Web Site is WWW.CoastalGourmetCT.Com. Coastal Gourmet Catering is the unifying force for the entire group of affiliates.

Mystic Market is locally known for its fine selection of coffee, tea, bread, and wonderful food. You are apt to find Mystic area residents enjoying a cup of coffee while they relax, chat, and shop. Mystic Market has two locations: Mystic Market East is at 63 Williams Avenue, Mystic, CT 06355 (Williams Avenue is US Route 1), with a telephone number of (860) 572-7992; Mystic Market West is at 375 Noank Road, Mystic, CT 06355 (Noank Road is CT Route 215), and a phone number of (860) 536-1500. The Mystic Market Web Site is MysticMarket.Com.

Stonington Meadows is a nearby wedding and event venue, located at 769 Stonington Road, Stonington, CT 06378 (Stonington Road is US Route 1). Like Latitude 41°, Stonington Meadows is a good place for both your rehearsal dinner and your wedding and reception. You can reach Stonington Meadows at (860) 572-1111 or visit the Stonington Meadows Web Site at StoningtonMeadows.Com.

Aspen Restaurant is a fine dining establishment in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. Located just a few minutes from the Baldwin Bridge over the Connecticut River, at 2 Main Street, Old Saybrook, CT 06475, Aspen is easy to find from Interstate Route I-95, CT Route 9, or US Route 1. Aspen would be a good choice for a rehearsal dinner! You can call (860) 395-5888 to make a reservation, and the Aspen Restaurant Web Site is WWW.AspenCT.Com.

Bon Appétite!

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Latitude 41 Degrees Restaurant as you will see it coming from Mystic Aquarium on Route 27 Parking for Latitude 41 Degrees Restaurant is across the street You will see the front entrance to Latitude 41 Degrees as you walk across Route 27 Your guests would be comfortable at your fall wedding with a view of the Mystic River Mystic Market is conveniently located on Route 1 in Mystic, CT Stonington Meadows is an indoor wedding venue on Route 1 in Stonington, CT Aspen Restaurant in Old Saybrook, CT is a fine dining restaurant suitable for your rehearsal dinner or reception.
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