Mohegan Park Weddings in Norwich, Connecticut


Mohegan Park is in New London County, Southeastern Connecticut.

The name "Mohegan" means "People of the Wolf". For more than three centuries, there has been friendship between the people of the Mohegan Nation and the people who settled in Norwich. Mohegan Park preserves the indigenous woodland surroundings of long ago.

There is no admission fee or charge for parking, making it a very low-cost place for your wedding.

Mohegan Park is near the Mohegan Sun casino (about 18 minutes, 11 miles) and Foxwoods Casino (about 16 minutes, 9 miles). Some couples have a mini-vacation by eloping: Getting married in Mohegan Park, celebrating by seeing famous headliners at MGM Grand at Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun Arena, then heading home happily married. As a Southeastern Connecticut wedding officiant, I'd be happy to help you elope in Connecticut, especially eloping in Mohegan Park!

Mohegan Park center has a fountain, gazebo, pergola, and pavilion.

The fountain plaza provides lots of space for a fountain wedding, and a great backdrop for photos. The bride could arrive through the leafy arches (seen at the right in the photo) at the beginning of the ceremony.

Children who were restless at your outdoor wedding would not be a problem because they would have plenty of room to move around and play.

(I apologize for having to disfigure my photograph of the Mohegan Park fountain with a copyright notice. People have stolen my copyrighted images for their own use, without even giving me credit.)

The gazebo by the fountain offers a view of both the fountain and the pond. In the picture above, the steps leading from the fountain plaza to the gazebo are at the left.

For Darcy and Jenn's wedding all of us (Darcy, Jenn, parents, friends, photographer, me) all fit into the gazebo easily. Your wedding in the gazebo at Mohegan Park could include ten guests, perhaps more.

Flowering shrubs, such as rhododendrons, provide nice surroundings for your Mohegan Park wedding. The lake, fountains, and trees, combined with the rustic style of the gazebo, could all contribute to the impression of a New England country wedding.

Just a short stroll from the fountain and gazebo is the Mohegan Park Pavilion by the pond. You can rent the pavilion, including tables and chairs, for your Mohegan Park reception. The pavilion is normally locked; only people who rent it have access.

There are two fountains in the pond, both easily seen from the pavilion. The pavilion has electricity and you can cook with a gas grill on the deck (or have a local caterer cook for you!). The deck at the pavilion is accessible only from inside the pavilion.

Mohegan Park also has a large open pavilion.

The Group Pavilion is on the northeast of Mohegan Park. To get to Mohegan Park Group Pavilion you would be best off taking Harland Road (Route 169) to Hunters Road, then turning right onto Mohegan Park Road. When you see the "Welcome to Mohegan Park" sign on your right you'll see the Group Pavilion just beyond it.

There is plenty of room in the Group Pavilion for at least 200 people. There are picnic tables, charcoal-only grills (BBQ pits for a wedding barbecue!), water, electricity, port-a-potties, and garbage cans provided.

There is a field by the Group Pavilion large enough for any outdoor wedding. The field is surrounded by evergreen trees, and has more than enough space for baseball, soccer, and other games.

There is a large parking lot labeled "Field Pavilion Lot" just a short distance from the Group Pavilion. Parking for the Group Pavilion is not allowed in the service road nor on the side of Mohegan Park Road, but people who are mobility-impaired could be dropped off.

Official sources of Mohegan Park information

Whether you have a fountain wedding, have your wedding in the gazebo, or your ceremony under the leafy pergola, Mohegan Park provides a nice background for your wedding photos.

The street address for Mohegan Park is 20 Park Center Road, Norwich, CT 06360.

Mohegan Park is controlled by both the Norwich Public Works Department and the Norwich Recreation Department. Please contact the Norwich Public Works Department at (860) 823-3798 for Mohegan Park Pavilion rental information. The Norwich Public Works Department is at 50 Clinton Avenue, Norwich, CT 06360 (across town from the Park). Contact the Recreation Department at (860) 823-3799 for other Mohegan Park information. The Norwich Recreation Department is at 75 Mohegan Road, Norwich, CT 06360 (near, but not in the Park).

The Norwich, CT Web Site is .

Please note that Mohegan Park in Norwich, CT is not related to Mohegan State Forest in Scotland, CT nor Mohegan State Park in Sprague, CT.

It would be a pleasure to be your wedding officiant in those places, too! I would be happy to marry you in New London County or anywhere else in Connecticut! Please call me to plan your Connecticut wedding ceremony.

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The Mohegan Park Fountain, Norwich, CT Darcy and Jenn's gazebo wedding at Mohegan Park in Norwich, CT The Mohegan Park wedding gazebo in Norwich, CT The wedding gazebo in Mohegan Park center has Spaulding Pond in the background. The lakeside pavilion in Mohegan Park center is literally beside Spaulding Pond. The lakeside pavilion in Mohegan Park center has an outside deck. The Mohegan Park pergola provides a cool wedding space for you and your guests. Have a wedding BBQ at Mohegan Park Group Pavilion. Have your wedding at an open field at Mohegan Park Group Pavilion. Wedding guest parking for Mohegan Park Field Pavilion.
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