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The questions a wedding celebrant asks a couple wanting to marry tell you a lot about the celebrant, and help you decide whether you want to have that person officiate at your wedding.

All of these are reasonable questions that will help your celebrant help you have the ceremony that you want:

Why do the ages of the flower girl and ring bearer matter? Children of different ages respond in different ways, and I can help you with suggestions for a stress-free experience for everyone.

Why would your celebrant want to know about a professional photographer? Some wedding celebrants have rules that photographers must follow; I do not. Usually I meet with your professional photographer to go over your ceremony so that the photographer knows what will happen when, and I tell them that they have free rein.

Why would your officiant want to know about traditions? This is intentionally an open-ended question. It enables you to tell me about family, cultural, or religious traditions that you would like included in your ceremony without me asking about your religious views or cultural heritage.

Questions that your wedding celebrant should not ask:

None of the questions listed have anything to do with your wedding ceremony! Some are downright rude or invade your privacy.

If there is something that you think will help me create a better, more personal ceremony for you, then by all means tell me. Many couples like to have their love story told as part of their wedding: Where they met, how they fell in love, how the proposal took place, et cetera. When we meet I will give you some examples if you would like your love story to be part of your marriage ceremony.

There are some suggestions for choosing your wedding officiant, and my privacy policy gives more examples of what I won't ask.

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