Your First Kiss as a Married Couple

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One of the two must-have photographs from your wedding ceremony. The moment you've both been waiting for. The action guaranteed to have your guests applauding.

Now that you're getting married, you've probably been kissing successfully for a while. You've developed a style that's comfortable for both of you, and there's no reason to change. Here are just a few suggestions to make this special moment look spontaneous and be comfortable for everyone.

Your first kiss is a hightlight of your wedding ceremony.

First Kiss Hints

Which way to tilt your head?

Do you normally tilt your heads to the right or left? As long as you two agree, it doesn't matter which way you tilt. If one of you tilts to the left and one to the right, there will be a nose collision.

What to do with your hands?

Usually the taller person puts his arms around the waist of the shorter person, and the shorter person puts her arms around the neck of the taller person.

How about holding hands? Chances are good that is what you'll be doing at this point in the ceremony anyway, so if you'd rather just keep holding hands when you kiss that's fine.

A few people have held each other's faces in their hands for their first kiss. One drawback is that your faces may not be easily seen and photographed at this special moment. Also, you two will have to choreograph whose hands go to the inside and whose go to the outside of your arms.

Your professional photographer may have you reenact your kiss, and your photographer may have specific suggestions. Please trust your professional photographer to give you good advice.

Close your eyes.

Most people automatically close their eyes when their lips are a couple of inches from their fiancé's lips. Your guests will be most comfortable if you've got your eyes closed.

How long to kiss?

Long enough that your professional photographer and your guests can capture the moment. Your guests will probably spontaneously applaud; if they don't, I'll lead the applause. When the applause has peaked and started to fade, it's time to stop kissing. (For the moment.)

To dip or not to dip?

As with other decisions, it's up to the two of you. Please discuss whether you will dip before your wedding ceremony! If you decide to dip, it is especially important that the dipper support the dippee.

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