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Eloping in Connecticut is easy! How to elope in Connecticut:

  1. Decide when you'd like to get married.
  2. Decide where you'd like to get married. (Some places to elope are listed below. If you're undecided, I can make suggestions based on your taste and budget.)
  3. Call me to make arrangements.
  4. Get your marriage license.
  5. Meet where you'll have your elopement ceremony; you'll say "I do.", and I'll pronounce you married.
  6. Get your certified copy of your marriage license; it's your proof that you're legally married.
  7. Live happily ever after!

Frequently-Asked Questions about Eloping in Connecticut

"How long do we have to be in Connecticut before we can elope?"

There is no minimum time before eloping in Connecticut. You do not have to be a Connecticut resident to get married in Connecticut. In fact, you do not need to be a United States citizen to elope in Connecticut. Many couples elope to Connecticut because they cannot yet get married in their home states.

"Where do we get our marriage license?"

You must get your marriage license in the Connecticut city or town where you will have your wedding ceremony. Connecticut has 169 official cities and towns, with a large number of villages. (Mystic, for example, is a historic village that is half in Groton and half in Stonington.) If you're not sure what Town Hall serves the area where you want to get married I will be happy to help you!

"We just want to elope. Do we have to have a ceremony? Aren't we married when we get our license?"

Yes, Connecticut law requires that you have a ceremony. The ceremony must be officiated by someone other than the person who issues your license. There are no special elopement laws in Connecticut.

In some states you would be considered married immediately after you signed your license, but not in Connecticut.

"How long is the waiting period after we get our license?"

There is no waiting period in Connecticut. People who want to elope can get married on the same day they get their license. It is easy to elope to Connecticut! There is no waiting period after you get our license. Same-day marriage in Connecticut is easy. From the start of the license application until you present it to a wedding officiant may be as little as twenty minutes. How long it takes to get your marriage license after you have filled out the marriage license application depends on how busy the office is. Some towns may ask you to return the following day, but under Connecticut law you cannot be required to wait. The exception is if you get to the office too late in the day to get your application processed before the office closes. Please call the specific Town Clerk's Office to be sure what the hours are!

"If there is no waiting period, what about the blood tests?"

Connecticut no longer requires blood tests. The Connecticut blood test requirement was repealed effective on October 1, 2003. Unfortunately many Web Sites have not been updated.

"How many witnesses do we need when we elope?"

None. You can have a private wedding with just your two plus your officiant, if that's what you'd like.

"Can we bring people with us if we're eloping?"

Certainly! Witnesses or guests may not be required, but you're welcome to bring as many people as you'd like. There is never a charge for having your friends with you!

"Do you need rings when you elope?"

No. You will be legally married whether you have two rings, one ring, or no rings.

"We just want to get married, we don't want anything fancy. Can we do that?"

Yes! People who elope generally have simpler ceremonies. We can talk about what you'd like (and don't want!) by phone or email.

"How much notice does a wedding officiant need for a simple elopement?"

It depends. People have been married with as little as half an hour's notice. Mondays through Fridays during the day officiants are not usually busy with other weddings. On a Saturday afternoon or evening during the summer, however, an appointment is strongly suggested.

"What is the legal age to elope in Connecticut?"

Generally, at 18 you can elope without your parents' permission. With your parents' permission you can elope at 16.

"How much does it cost to elope in Connecticut?"

It depends on where and when you'd like to elope. Eloping at or near a local town hall during a weekday is most economical.

"What do we have to wear to elope?"

You can be as informal or formal as you'd like. There are no fashion police for eloping! (But I'd suggest bathing suits as a minimum.) You might want to have me take your pictures, so please feel free to bring a camera!

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Places to Elope in Connecticut

"What is the best place to elope in Connecticut?"

"Best" depends on you. It depends on what kind of place you're looking for. Seashore? Mountain? Lake? Schooner? Steam train? Hot air balloon? Castle? Garden? Connecticut has them all! Give me a call at (860) 543-2334 to tell me what you have in mind.

"Can we elope on the water in Mystic Seaport?"

Yes! To elope at Mystic Seaport or to elope at Mystic Aquarium you would get your marriage license at Stonington Town Hall. Those are just two of the places to elope in Mystic, Connecticut. There are many other places to elope on the water in Connecticut as well!

"Can we elope at a lighthouse in Connecticut?" "Can we elope on a beach in Connecticut?"

Yes! You have your choice of several lighthouses and beaches for eloping in Connecticut. Give me a call at (860) 543-2334 and we can talk about your options.

"How about the Mohegan Sun Casino to elope?" "Can we elope at Foxwoods Casino?"

Yes! You and I would need to discuss the specific details.

"Can we elope outdoors in Connecticut?" "Can we elope indoors in Connecticut?"

Yes and yes! During warm weather you can elope outdoors or indoors. In cold weather, you would probably prefer to elope indoors, but people get married in the snow, too! And in the rain on a beach at sunrise. You pick the spot!

"I've always wanted to elope on a New England covered bridge. Are there any Connecticut covered bridges for eloping?"

Yes! There are several real covered bridges suitable for eloping.

"Are there Connecticut gardens for eloping?"

Yes! You can elope in rose gardens where there is no fee, as well as many other gardens. Many Connecticut parks with flower gardens do not charge admission.

"Where can lesbians elope in Connecticut?" "Where can gay couples elope in Connecticut?"

Anywhere! Everyone has equal rights in Connecticut. Same-sex and opposite-sex couples can elope anywhere in Connecticut that they choose. There's no gay eloping or straight eloping. There's just eloping.

"Can we elope at a Connecticut winery?"

Yes! You can elope at a winery by the sea, in the hills, or just a couple of miles from an Interstate highway. Connecticut winery weddings are popular, and so is the wine.

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